Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Is Bleeding of the Gums Normal?

You may have asked yourself, “why do gums bleed?” Pediatric Dentist Chicago, Dr. Boyd, says that it is not healthy for gums to be bleeding. He states that this is an immediate indication of infection. He goes on to say that if the gums are healthy, they should not be bleeding! This can lead to gum disease, or in the long run, tooth loss. If your gums are bleeding, you should schedule an immediate appointment with the pediatric dentist Chicago. Simple brushing and flossing can prevent gum disease, and in return, prevent your gums from bleeding!


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  2. Yes I agree that it is not healthy for gums to be bleeding. Even my son’s gums were bleeding recently so I immediately consulted our family Torrance dentist for the treatment. He provided right medication as well as tips to keep his teeth and gums healthy.