Thursday, April 19, 2012

Adjusting Braces

Braces are not permanent, thankfully. Over time, more and more pieces of the braces will be removed as the teeth become straighter says Dr. Boys orthodontist Chicago. After braces have been placed on a patient’s teeth, wires are then applied. The wires contain very small rubber bands also known as elastic ties. The rubber bands come off gradually as time progresses says the orthodontist in Chicago.  Making appointments to get your braces and wires evaluated are essential to the process of braces. Dr. Boyd is among the best orthodontists in Chicago when it comes to children. His practice specializes with children, so he knows exactly what they should be doing. There is a specific order in which the process of adjusting braces happens in. usually in the following order. The colored ties are removed. Then the wires are removes. After that, the patient is finally allowed to brush their teeth. The orthodontist in Chicago would then recommend new treatment ideas, and finally replace the new colors onto the braces.


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