Thursday, April 19, 2012

Healthy Habits for Better Teeth

Many Americans do not make the right eating choices. Children are even more likely to make bad eating decisions. This may affect the way your teeth look due to different sugars and acids. Here are some easy ways to improve your eating habits and also improve your teeth says pediatric dentist in Chicago, Dr. Boyd.

Dr. Boyd, Pediatric Dentist Chicago, of Dentistry 4 Children specializes with working with children and dental problems. He states that eating foods such as nuts, apples or cheese after eating a heavy carb  meal may help prevent cavities. The Pediatric Dentist Chicago says that the texture on those kinds of food break up the plaque that is stuck to your teeth. This is especially important for children to eat these kinds of foods, rather than going to grab a sugary snack or soda.  

If children, and adults, follow these simple steps, they can reduce the risk of gingivitis or other tooth related diseases. Pediatric Dentist Chicago

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