Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Pediatric Dentist Chicago

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Pediatric Dentist Chicago Orthodontic Care

The qualities that separate our practice from others are our unique, caring, talented and highly skilled doctors and staff. We know just how to relate to children and how to make any child comfortable. It's our goal to provide healthy smiles for a lifetime.  

Our services to dramatically reduce the chances of early childhood dental decay and simultaneously significantly reduce the many dental fears that children often develop. 

The AAPD (American Association of Pediatric Dentistry) and the AAP (American Association of Pediatricians) recommends that children see the dentist before reaching the age of one. Our pediatric dentists prevention program paired with a caring environment can significantly reduce or eliminate decay.  

At each dental exam, we monitor the growth and development patterns of each patient's  teeth, jaws, face. Dr. Boyd and Pannaralla are especially trained to diagnose potential developmental orthodontic problems at a very young age.

Some of these problems can best be treated early when the jaws are more receptive to treatment and growth of the face is active. The most important factor in determining the  most proper form of treatment is regular examinations. 

Usually by the time orthodontic treatment is needed, our patients have become a part of our family. We place a large importance on our relationship with even our youngest patients.  It's our goal to establish oral and overall health practices, encourage healthy eating, and provide smiles for a lifetime.

Pediatric Dentist Chicago

Monday, December 27, 2010

Instead of apple juice, eat an apple!

Unlike most Chicago Pediatric Dentists, we emphasize of importance on the nutrition for children and adults. We incorporate healthy eating tips into each exam and consultation.  Nutrition plays a large role on the proper development of teeth, and contributes to the overall health of our patients. Many may not relate nutrition with dental health, but a healthy diet affects the entire body. Food enters the body through the mouth, and since our teeth are porous and our saliva has bacteria in it, the food we eat interacts with our mouths and affects not only our bodies, but our teeth and gums.

Healthy eating and snacking habits are important to dental health because the most common dental problem, plaque build-up, is preventable by cutting out certain foods and regulating others. Plaque, an opaque build up that accumulates on teeth near the gum-line, thrives on starches and sugars commonly found in sweets and snack foods. The interaction between the bacteria in your mouth and sugars and starches promotes plaque growth which produces an acid that eats at the enamel of teeth and eventually causes tooth decay. The best defense against tooth decay is to limit the amount of sweets and starchy snacks, brush well after each meal, and keep regular professional dental hygiene appointments.

We incorporate nutrition into our dental education. For more information, please contact us.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


At Dentistry For Children and Families, we remind parents of the importance of setting regular dental appointments for their teenages.  Adolescents especially need regular and professional dental care as they grow into adulthood. In addition to complete oral examinations and dental treatment, teens that visit Dentistry For Children and Families also receive educational materials about at-home dental care and nutrition.

It's important for adolescents to develop healthy dental habits.  Adolescents are at a high risk for gum disease, tooth decay, and other serious dental problems.  Proper dental education and professional care from Dentistry For Children will instill excellent hygiene practices that will continue into adulthood.

For more information about Dental Needs in Adolescence, please contact us.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Pediatric Dentist Chicago Provides Free Exams

In order to promote infant dental care, our office (Dentistry For Children and Families in Lincoln Park) is offering free dental exams for children under the age of one.

According to the AAPD, American Association of Pediatric Dentistry, children should see the dentist for an exam before their first birthday.

Unfortunately, many parents do not yet understand the value of this first visit.  To help promote dental exams for infants and help educate Chicago parents of the importance of children's dental care, we have decided to provide the exams at no cost.  This allows us to evaluate the development of the existing primary teeth, as well as examine the condition of the gums. 

This first visit allows young children to get comfortable with dental visits and it helps to decrease the likelihood of dental anxiety in the child as he ages.  It also allows us an opportunity to discuss other health related topics with parents.  Topics such as: nutrition, thumb sucking, and baby bottle habits are all discussed. 

To get more information about getting a free dental exam for your baby, please contact Dentistry For Children and Families at 312-988-9855 or visit