Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Sooner the Better

It is always made clear to a parent how often they have to bring their children to the doctor, but what parents are often not aware of is when exactly they should bring their child to the dentist. Many parents don't even think about the dentist for their children until they are going to school and are required to have a check-up. What they don't realize is that oral health is also a part of their child's overall health and has to be prioritized right up there with pediatrician visits.  

It is recommended that children see the dentist before their first birthday. There are many things happening in your child's mouth around this time that parents may not know or see. Children acquire their first tooth around the age of six months. It is important for the pediatric dentist to measure the development of the child's teeth, check for and implement ways to prevent tooth decay, enforce good oral health habits, and build a comfortable anxiety free relationship with the child. 

When you bring your child to a pediatric dentist in Chicago a great way for you to learn more about their oral health is to ask questions. The dentist can tell you what you should be doing at home to prevent problems and can give you information to keep your child in good health; preventing future problems such as cavities and tooth decay. 

Seeing a Chicago pediatric dentist early on makes this visit seem more normal to your child. It takes away the stress and fear that many children develop of the dentist office. By doing this, your child will be more willing to tell you when their teeth hurt or if they have a problem with anything in their mouth before it gets bad. Any Chicago pediatric dentist will say that this good relationship between dentist and child helps the child have better oral hygiene down the road. 

Besides just that relationship and trust that is important to develop early on, there is also a great deal developing in the child's mouth that should be monitored by a dentist. A Chicago pediatric dentist can help prevent problems that years of braces and complicated procedures would be needed to fix in the future. The best rule of thumb when trying to decide when is the right time for your child to see a pediatric dentist is "the sooner the better". A pediatric dentist in Chicago can help your child love the dentist. 

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