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Fear-Free Dental for Children

From the time that teeth begin to develop, parents can see patterns in how the child's jaw and mouth are developing. What many parents do not realize, is that this is a perfect time for the child to visit an orthodontist. Since the child is so early on in their oral development, the mouth is easier to manipulate and fix. A Chicago Orthodontist can not only see problems that are happening in your mouth in real time, but can predict future problems as well. Early orthodontics is greatly recommended for children with problems such as overly narrow bites, cross bites, and over/ under bites. When looking for a Chicago Othodontist, Dentistry4Children is experienced in pediatric orthodontics and working with problem smiles starting at young ages.

A cross bite occurs when the top and bottom teeth are not aligned correctly. Cross bites can lead to problems with chewing and uneven growth of the jaw. It is much easier to fix at a younger age and can be corrected in a shorter period of time when the child is younger because the jaw bone is still growing and malleable.

A narrow arch is another problem that can be fixed effectively in younger children. A narrow arch is when the upper jaw makes a sharp "U" shape instead of the preferred wider, ovoid shape that a Chicago orthodontist would recommend.  Narrow bites can cause many problems for patients including crowding of teeth and irregular alignment of teeth. This problem is much harder and can take far more time to repair in an adult patient.

An anterior crossbite, also known as an underbite, occurs when one or more of the top front teeth bite behind the lower front teeth.  Underbites can cause gum recession in the lower front teeth, prevent normal growth of the lower jaw, and lead to excessive wear of the front teeth. Like other crossbites and narrowbites, underbites are much easier to fix in patients who are younger.

While seeing an orthodontist in Chicago at younger ages is still somewhat new and may seem extreme to some parents, the technology that a Chicago Orthodontist has is growing rapidly, and the problems that pediatric dentists can now observe and predict  are much easier to fix when the child is younger and is still developing. Treatment for such problems at a younger age can reduce the time spend correcting the mouth and can also reduce much of the pain that comes in treating jaw problems after the bones are already set and formed.

Children love to do what their parents do. Have you ever seen a mother cook dinner while her daughter is in the kitchen? Or a dad shave in the bathroom with his son present? I have, and it usually goes that the mom cannot bring the pot to the stove, and the dad can barely get the shaving cream on his face before their son or daughter is imitating their parents every move. Kids admire their parents and if mom or dad is doing it, then it has to be awesome. This rule carries over to the dentist as well. The dentist is often a place that induces great fear and anxiety in children. That fear usually stems in a number of things, a few of the most common are being away from their parents, the unknown, and fear of being hurt. As a family friendly Chicago Orthodontist, Dentistry4Children offers a great way to reduce this fear in your child: Go to the dentist together!

It is important to note is that dental health really begins in childhood, and dental health, in a great part, leads to dental beauty.  As a child, seeing the dentist on a regular basis is important for many reasons.  By going to the dentist regularly children are taught good dental habits and are held responsible if their dental hygiene is not up to par at their next visit. One of the most important reasons dentists urge parents to make appointments for their children is to build good habits for their kids.These habits are carried on into adulthood and passed down to their own children. Another reason regular dental visits are encouraged is to reduce their fear. The more we are exposed to something, the less scary it becomes; so bringing kids to the dentist on a regular basis relieves the anxiety. If it seems normal, then it must be okay!

While ensuring health and building good habits are two of the main reasons that children are typically encouraged to visit the dentist, visiting a Chicago orthodontist is also good for parents. Like almost everything else in the world seems to be, dentistry has changed a lot since parents were kids. The technology and techniques that orthodontists use are far more advanced than even those of ten years ago. An orthodontist in Chicago can now  not only predict future problems, but also have the means to prevent these problems.

 By coming to this family-friendly orthodontist in Chicago with their children, parents can not only ease their child's anxiety and help make the dentist a more stress free environment (because if mom or dad is doing it, it can't be that scary), but they can also learn about how they can aid in helping their child's smile in the long run. They can learn of new techniques and measure the growth and development of their child's mouth. When looking for a Chicago Orthodontist, no other office can can compete with the experience of Dentistry4Children.

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