Friday, January 20, 2012

Chicago Pediatric Dentist

A real patient's testimonial about their first visit to Dentistry For Children to see Dr. Boyd, Pediatric Dentist in Chicago.

Yesterday we took both girls to the dentist for the first time. We chose a dentist who works closely with our cleft team--Dr. Boyd. He said her lip and palate looked great--actually thought Dr. Vicari had done her lip it looked so good! She has a 2% overbite but she juts her tongue and lower jaw out which makes her appear to have a big underbite which is to basically say that it's all fixable. She screamed (but surprisingly stayed immobile on my lap, clutching my finger) through both the dental exam and the teeth cleaning which was helpful in that we could see all her teeth and her palate but it did make explanations from the dentist a bit difficult to hear. We go back in January to have her fitted for her first appliance to help her jaw form properly--an infant trainer.

Kate was up next and had the total opposite reaction to the masked hygienist and dentist. You can certainly tell which kid has been traumatized by masked doctors and which kid has not. After examining all the instruments and playing with the water wand, Kate reclined back on me and said "AAAHHHH" the whole time her teeth were being cleaned and examined. Got a clean bill of health but he also said the infant trainer could help her too as he can already see that she is going to have overcrowded teeth (sorry kid, that comes from me...) which is going to affect the way her jaw forms. So, she will go back in January as well.

He recommended that Lucy be weaned from the bottle in a month's time but in my opinion that is going to all depend on how quickly she picks up drinking from something else as the majority of her liquids still comes from the bottle. He also wanted Kate off the sippy cup and straws...bottom line, we should all be only drinking out of cups b/c the other types of cups force your jaw into growing in such a way that keep orthodontists in business. I guess that means Starbucks has been good for business with its version of the adult sippy cup!

Amazingly, no cavities for Lucy (or Kate but no surprise there as she's yet to eat candy and doesn't prefer sweet stuff). The dentist was actually really impressed with how good her teeth and mouth looked overall. He said it was obvious that someone was taking care of her nutritionally (which we could tell based on her overall health and her being able to self-limit on food when at the table). But she also received excellent surgeries which is just astounding based on the horror stories we've heard of fistulas, lips sewn too tight, etc. She got the best care she could have under the circumstances.
Lucy recovered quite quickly as soon as the masks came off the staff and the dental bib was removed. She did hug me and try to hide in my shirt as I was standing us up to leave the room but as soon as she saw Kate and Len in the waiting room she perked right up and started laughing and dancing around. It must just be the masked strangers because she loves to have her teeth brushed every fact she's the one with her mouth wide open saying "AAHHH!"

Kate, meanwhile, was upset when the bib was removed and kept asking for both the bib and the toothpaste...I can assure you she's not as thrilled or compliant when I brush her teeth at night, mouth clamped shut or biting the brush. I guess I need the spinny brush and "Mr. Thirsty" (the thing that sucks the water out of your mouth).

Chicago Pediatric Dentist

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