Friday, January 20, 2012

Breastfeeding Vs Bottle Feeding

From Dr. Kevin Boyd,  Pediatric Dentist Chicago
in response to a patient's inquiry about breastfeeding and bottle feeding for children.
Pediatric Dentist Chicago

Breastfeeding will be best for your new baby and I encourage you to do this if you are able; if not, please consider minimizing the transition from the bottle, to cup can do this very early....and dad can help.

 If you plan to use a bottle, then certainly the Medela Calma seems to be the least harmful to normal growth and development of your baby's teeth jaws and face.  Please also consider pumping your own breastmilk in lieu of commercial formulas for as long as possible...none of them even come close to the superior quality of your own milk.

And finally, Dr.'s Carrie Gosch and Deanna Monroe are 2 of the finest pediatricians in Chicago and many of my patients, and my own daughters, see them or one of their associates; please call our Pediatric Dental Office  to get their number to schedule a pre-delivery appointment with them if you feel it necessary.

Also contact our pediatric dentist office to schedule a pre-natal visit with me if you'd like to ask more questions regarding infant/early childhood feeding, the Calma bottle, etc.; as I was aspiring to be an pediatric dietitian before entering dental school and have a master's degree in nutrition and dietetics, I enjoy diet counseling as a component of my dental practice.

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