Monday, January 3, 2011

Top 10 Reasons to bring your child to the dentist

10.  Instill habits that promote good health from an early age.

9.  Have your child's growth patterns observed from an early age to provide orthodontic treatment at the right time.

8.  Prevent painful cavities through professional cleanings.

7.  Provide sealants to your child's molars to prevent decay.

6.  Establish a comfortable dental "home" for your child.

5.  Prevent dental phobia, which can evolve if the child isn't used to regular dental check ups.

4.  Provide your child with professional, regular dental health related education.

3.  Teach your children from an early age that their oral health is important.

2.  Because you don't want your child to be "the smelly kid" in school.

1.  Establish important dental habits that will lead to a lifetime of smiles!

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  1. Prevention and early detection will help ensure your kids’ teeth develop healthy and disease free.

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